December 2012. After 8 years of continuous touring throughout Europe, dutch living early reggae legend “The Upsessions” announce a two months break. Boss van Trigt, singer and composer decides to record an album. Solo - and under the alias of BOSS CAPONE.

more info Only one cheap microphone, inferior musical instruments, a great-sounding organ, some old reggae records for inspiration and a fist full of time in his home studio. That’s it! Two months later - daylight again. The album “Another 15 dance floor crashers” by BOSS CAPONE is born. Excelsior Recordings releases in the Netherlands and Grover Records decides to bring it out worldwide. The reactions are overwhelming.

Boss got the intention to play his songs live on stage soon enough so he went looking for some seasoned musicians with great voices, picking up some well known dutch Ska & Reggae - maniacs. BOSS CAPONE are: Boris Manintveld (The Upsessions), Loek Hauwert (Mr.Review, Mark Foggo), Frans Molenaar (The Dublicators) and Boss van Trigt. Now this bunch of reggae heavyweights will storm stages all around Europe, to blow your minds and breathe new life into early reggae music. It's BOSS CAPONE! It's REGGAE TIME!

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River of Tears

Count Me Money